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Natural Relaxer

Posted by beautywithinwellness on April 14, 2014 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (2)

Make your own Keratin treatment. The hot buzzword for all things hair at the moment, Keratin, is a protein that forms the foundation of the hair strand. You can enjoy the health results without the dangerous synthetics by fusing protein-rich foods into the hair. Try a blend of two tablespoons mayonnaise, 1 whole avocado, 1 tablespoon coconut oil and one tablespoon olive oil, and leave on for 20 minutes, advises de LosAngèles. If mayo grosses you out, apply jojoba or argan oil to freshly washed hair overnight, and wash out in the morning for a similar effect. Keratin treatments otherwise run from $300 upwards, and come with potentially hazardous chemical risks.

Really great change!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on April 18, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (0)

Tra is a healer... She does what comes naturally to her for people and does not have much interest until very recently in the maintenance part of wait it takes ,sometimes, to be a women...

Yet her she is putting herself out there. How else are people going to know who you are or what you do unless you learn the ins and outs of people in the public’s critical eye!


Well I knew what her mission was and I jumped at the chance to help her make her is a minnie photo show of how to get from here to there....


She was thrilled and so was I!

Copy ME and flatter me...:)

Posted by beautywithinwellness on April 13, 2013 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

So Very recently I noticed someone I knew taking credit for some of the things I am passionate about. They had never really shown an interest or any indication

of sharing their new “knowledge” before I started sharing and taking action

With my BEAUTY WITHIN WELLNESS philosophy.


At first I was shocked! I actually couldn’t believe that the concept that I care so much about and regarded to highly was being “stolen” right from under me...

This person is not holistic...unless you consider injecting yourself with paralyzing poison in order to create a “reality” of looking fresh and Young!


Actually there is a flow in Jin Shin Jytusu that creates tightening in the facial muscles. ( Non surgical Facelift). It’s really cool. But that is a whole other topic...


Even just this morning I witnessed a conversation I just could not believe taking credit...until this thought came to me...WHO CARES!

The highest form of flattery is to be a “Copy Cat”...and don’t I want to be the example? So go ahead do your thing. We are all unique in our own ways and true authenticity always shows and people will always know who you are....

Keep Smiling!!!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on April 6, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Ok so this is not my usual way but I just have to have a minnie rant about something...A few days ago I was speaking to a 30 year old man and after a few minutes we discovered we had a few things in common. He had an understanding about the Mind Body connection and a little bit about How we achieve what we focus on and how we feel about it...results in Target positive results...YAY!


But then after a few more minutes I am hearing him say how happy it is that because of this type of understanding he is so happy happy through skillfully NON SMILING he has No lines anywhere on his face.


I am looking at him and its true. Now his “Job” is to great people...(part of it...)

As he told me this I walking away thinking how non human that seems to me ...But This Is BH the land of .....


As I thought about it again this morning I couldn’t help to think what a great dis-service to people you would be doing if we all did this! Our smile is a gift to people! And what a wonderful gift it is! Think about it!............KEEP SMILING PEOPLE!

So 2013 is well on it's way...are you still wearing the same look?

Posted by beautywithinwellness on January 23, 2013 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Hi all!

Yes I am back! Since I have not posted in a while I decieded to take a look at some of the biggest Style predictions for this year...Here is what Harper's Bazar says..! me know what you think!

Its all about 2012!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on January 28, 2012 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (1)

HCG......It really works!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on November 29, 2010 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

   For any one who has been struggling with weight loss and has been getting frustrated with not enough results...the HCG diet is for you!

Of course I suggest do your research. My Doc's office does the Homiopathic version which I would have never had done other wise...The also offer coaching all under $200!

Suppliments and soups included!..I lost 15 lbs and that was with a little cheating!

I am now t the second phase but will go back on in a few weeks. Trust me if I can do it so can you..even if it is the Holidays , feeling good in my clothes is well worth it!

Don't Trip over Fall....

Posted by beautywithinwellness on September 21, 2010 at 1:32 PM Comments comments (0)

One of my favorite things to do while transitioning into a new season is to embrace the colors that the season gives us. Fall is  magical time when leaves and trees begin to go dormant but that doesn’t mean our hair color or style needs to also...!


As Summer fades no longer do we need the bright golden blonds but  more gentle honey or amber tone goes much better with the cooling climate...

This is also  great time to richen up faded locks with  daring auburn or copper brown look...if ll this seems to much I suggest just tone on tone to give  nice dimension to cool your blonds  bit...any way you choose remember it has to soot your life style   

and  always keep it as natural as you are...!

Rooty or Not

Posted by beautywithinwellness on August 12, 2010 at 11:09 PM Comments comments (0)

Well a few years ago I had clients start to ask me about the rooty look for color." Oh that was an Eighties thing Madonna kind started it will never catch on". Now 2010 and its going strong!

My thoughts , well its not for everyone and certainly has to be done correctly. It has its advantages for  low mantainance kind of look and for brunettes that want some light pieces or  beachy kind of look.

Here is some of my picks just for fun!

Aol.Hair News Says....

Posted by beautywithinwellness on May 12, 2010 at 6:46 PM Comments comments (0)

Oddly enough, your natural hair color offers surprising insights into your mental and physical well-being.

Our hair is our most noticeable trait -- and we obsess over it accordingly. But even though we spend lots of time enhancing and re-enhancing our tresses, we probably haven't considered something pretty cool: What's underneath all the glosses and highlights can be a health barometer of sorts.


If You're a Blonde...

...Protect Your Peepers

Women have a higher risk than men of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an eye condition that can cause blindness. And fair-haired females are especially prone to AMD, says Svetlana Kogan, M.D., founder of Doctors at Trump Place in New York City. A diet rich in the natural compounds lutein and zeaxanthin--found in kale, spinach, and snow peas -- can help fend it off. Kogan suggests munching on one cup of the green veggies every day.

...Cover Up

Melanin gives skin its color and helps shield it from harmful UV rays, says dermatologist Joel Schlessinger, M.D., president emeritus of the American Society of Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery. Thing is, blondes produce less of the stuff, which leaves their skin (and especially their scalps) at a higher risk for melanoma. Buy a full-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen that shields against harmful UVA and UVB rays. And don't neglect your head: "Blondes should always wear a hat when they're in direct sunlight," says Schlessinger.


If You're a Brunette...

...Hold On to Your Hair

More than half of the 30 million American women with visible hair loss are brunettes. That could be because they have less hair to begin with: "Brown tresses are generally coarser and thicker than blonde or red strands, and your body produces fewer of them," Schlessinger says. So when brown hair follicles die, they leave behind more noticeable thin patches. Stave off sparse coverage by eating right. Low iron can contribute to hair loss, so start swallowing 18 milligrams a day; one cup of fortified oatmeal will provide your daily fill.

...Stub Out That Butt

Your chestnut mane is the result of lots of melanin, which could fast-track your dependency on nicotine. The reason: Melanin prevents your liver from quickly metabolizing the drug, and the longer it's in your system, the faster you become hooked. Animal studies suggest that vitamin C helps keep your liver in top shape. Swallow 75 milligrams a day in the form of half a cup of red peppers or a medium-size orange. Your best bet, though, is never to pick up a cancer stick. Period.

...Snag a Boyfriend

Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Nope, according to Florida State University research. Not when it comes to long-term relationships. Plus, according to a 3,000-person survey, men prefer brunettes as serious mates because they see them as more reliable and steady. If you're not looking for a long-term thing, try a little spontaneity: Make the first move by slipping that cute guy your digits.


If You're a Redhead...

...Watch Your Mouth!

The next time Lindsay Lohan goes in for a cavity filling, she might want to ask for extra Novocain. Fiery locks, it turns out, stem from an inherited DNA mutation that also makes redheads resistant to general and local anesthetics, says Daniel Sessler, M.D., an anesthesiologist at the Cleveland Clinic. In fact, carrot tops may need up to 20 percent more numbing juice than blondes or brunettes. But don't let a little hurt keep you from getting good oral care: Talk to your dentist about pain management prior to plopping down in her chair, or take 500 milligrams of ibuprofen one hour before the appointment.

...Look Out for Parkinson's

A recent Harvard study found that redheads have an almost 90 percent greater chance of developing the disease. Why? Possibly because of that same gene mutation: It influences another type of gene that, when also mutated, can be associated with Parkinson's. On the plus side, research shows that folic acid might delay the progression of the illness. Margaret Lewin, M.D., medical director of Cinergy Health, advises taking 400 micrograms a day (more if you're pregnant). A multivitamin has all the folic acid most women need.

...Stock Up on Condoms

Redheads make red-hot lovers, or so the stereotype goes. One thing's for sure: They get a lot more action, according to one study. This might be due to a self-fulfilling prophecy, says Kogan. "Red is associated with fire, and fire is associated with passion," she says. "Often, you become what people expect of you." Something others are eager to try: Recent Clairol research shows nearly 40 percent of people said they'd go scarlet for a day if they could.

Well What color are you and who do do want to be....!?




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