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Keep Smiling!!!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on April 6, 2013 at 11:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Ok so this is not my usual way but I just have to have a minnie rant about something...A few days ago I was speaking to a 30 year old man and after a few minutes we discovered we had a few things in common. He had an understanding about the Mind Body connection and a little bit about How we achieve what we focus on and how we feel about it...results in Target positive results...YAY!


But then after a few more minutes I am hearing him say how happy it is that because of this type of understanding he is so happy happy through skillfully NON SMILING he has No lines anywhere on his face.


I am looking at him and its true. Now his “Job” is to great people...(part of it...)

As he told me this I walking away thinking how non human that seems to me ...But This Is BH the land of .....


As I thought about it again this morning I couldn’t help to think what a great dis-service to people you would be doing if we all did this! Our smile is a gift to people! And what a wonderful gift it is! Think about it!............KEEP SMILING PEOPLE!

HCG......It really works!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on November 29, 2010 at 11:10 PM Comments comments (0)

   For any one who has been struggling with weight loss and has been getting frustrated with not enough results...the HCG diet is for you!

Of course I suggest do your research. My Doc's office does the Homiopathic version which I would have never had done other wise...The also offer coaching all under $200!

Suppliments and soups included!..I lost 15 lbs and that was with a little cheating!

I am now t the second phase but will go back on in a few weeks. Trust me if I can do it so can you..even if it is the Holidays , feeling good in my clothes is well worth it!

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