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When to go darker!

Posted by beautywithinwellness on April 27, 2010 at 11:47 PM

So one of my favorite things to do for my clients as they are aging is to darken their hair....That’s right I said darken! I know I get this question all the time from my clients that ask me is it true I have to go lighter? I say not necessarily and in some cases too light is completely the wrong thing to do!..Think about it I have seen to many women come in looking all washed out from a color that is faded and not bringing any life to their skin tones...going too light in some cases actually ages you.!

I like to take the color to the natural eye color if brunette and in blonds to their brow color. Then we can play with a little tone on tone hiliting for dement-ion. The skin really pops in brightness and contrast and actually gives you up to ten years back!


Some times “rules” were made to be broken ..go ahead ask me more...inside tricks of my trade...till later...


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