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Posted by beautywithinwellness on May 2, 2010 at 9:28 PM

Recently I have been getting a service done at the salon ( Juan Juan Salon Beverly Hills) That I am totally getting addited to...The funny part is that I had these done a few times before and it felt a little strange to me and dramatic...but as I have gotten used to it it seems I FEEL total different when I don't have it done...Oh I guess I need to mention it is permanent eye-lash extentions! Yes I mean permanant as in it last several weeks with care...When Stefanie my co-worker first put them on my we seemed to be doing some what of a trial...I got the craziest comments, like OH you are wearing make up ( I wear the same every day) to you look so awake...Or How pretty and fresh I looked...The funny part is no one really commented on the lashes at first....It was a change so subtle that it was not obvious which I likes...The eyes are the mirrors to the soul so that being said I guess my soul was getting a little more attention...haha

How it is done is that he lashes are individually placed in brtween the natural lashes. Thee are different sizes and legnths depending on your end desires.How they are plaed also makes a difference...If you have droopy eyes or want a  lift..The cat eyed look is my favorite...its a great treat to give your self for a special occasion or to see if that special guy will notice...and the extra boost puts a little bounce in your step!...Glamour it up ladies!

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Reply praca
6:17 PM on April 12, 2011 
ou did a satisfactory job creating a laws for photographers like me with no opinion with stock. You explained so much that I needed to know. I read it with discriminating interest. You are a true writer. I?m tickled pink to from met you and recognize that you are as plenteous and clubby as your skillet abroad indicates. Your armed forces is appreciated.

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