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Charlotte JorgensonCharlotte Jorgensen was on the very first season of Dancing With The Stars, and she was partnered with John O'Hurley. They went to the finals and ultimately lost out to Kelly Monaco and Alec Mazo. There was quite a bit of talk that Charlotte and John actually deserved to win so after the competition was over ABC aired a "dance-off" between the two teams and in the end, Charlotte and John were victorious. This did not change the fact that Kelly was credited as the first season winner. Charlotte and John later put out an instructional dance DVD together that was well received.

Charlotte was born in Denmark and began to dance at the age of two. When she was 10 she took up ballet and had hopes of a stage career in dance. After moving to the U.S. she took up ballroom and Latin dance, becoming Amateur Teen Dance Champion within 3 years. At 22 she became World Amateur Champion, and then turned professional. In her first pro year, she won the Professional Rising Star in Blackpool, England. She then partnered with Andrew Sinkinson and together they were both very successful placing second at many National and World competitions.

Charlotte has connections to film as well. In 2003, she was hired by Miramax to coach actor Richard Gere for his role in Shall We Dance?. She also was asked to be an adjudicator for the final competition in the documentary Mad Hot Ballroom, where inner city children in New York compete in ballroom dancing.


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