Beauty Within Wellness! by Carmela Tunzi

A Place to learn to be Well and beautiful inside and out.

The Art of Daily                                                                           

Alas, I live in Los Angeles so I let my roots mourn her absence as I contemplated who would be my next colorist. I finally found her! Carmela Tunzi is the perfect colorist. She listens, has years of expertise and gives you the perfect HAIR COLOR. One you should have been born with, but did not end up with. What I love about her is she works at a fancy salon, has celebrity clients but has ZERO attitude. You won’t catch her dishing on the antics of the latest celebrity in her chair. If you thrill at the idea of having yourself pampered in Beverly Hills, you can book her at juan juan salon Her artistry offers the additional bonus of non stop compliments (from both genders.

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