Beauty Within Wellness! by Carmela Tunzi

A Place to learn to be Well and beautiful inside and out.



Hi Carmela, 

I would like to say Thank You so much for introducing JSJ. It has changed my
life in all ways. You have taught me so much, that I'm even able to use JSJ on
myself and my children, like calming their tummy aches. I Thank the Angels above for
putting you in our lives.

Stefanie G.
Creator of Stefanie G. Beverly Hills Cosmetics
Celebrity Makeup Artist


thx again carmela. not only did i feel instant relief,but i continue to feel less stress in my problem areas.                   

Tony Mastroianni

A Miracle!

Where do I start, Carmela has been a lifesaver for my Fiance and I!!Please forgive if my recommendation is overflowing with enthusiasm but Carmela's works have truly been life changing. In January 2009, Fiance began seeing her for his back, I was skeptical as most are when I heard the words "Jin Shin Jyutsu" but I thought that at this point anything that came our way would be worth a try. My Fiance had several accidents from his motorcycle to riding quads, he was in pretty bad shape and his back kept going out on him. Doctors would only prescribe pain medication and bed rest. Yet it continued to interupt our lives as well his work life. I was thrilled when I noticed after several months of seeing Carmela that he was able to function normally and without pain medication. I too was struggling with my own issues I was so overwhemled at the miracle I was witnessing that I decided to see Carmela. I am a 35 year old woman whom always struggled with conceiving and many of the doctors that I had gone to see, would advise me to adopt. In August of 2009, I met Carmela. Carmela right off hand listened to my needs and desires as well as explained the methods she was going to use. She provided me with a copy of "The Touch of Healing" by Alice Burmeister's. The book "Touch of Healing"offered me with the understanding of the practice of the ancient oriental healing art and practical holistic philosophy called Jin Shin Jyutsu. All I can do is just shake my head and say ?Wow?! I could only imagine the amazing things that would happen to me! In December 2009, I would be happy to announce that I was pregnant! There was a miracle growing inside of me and I know without Carmela's assistance it wouldn't be possible. Many Thanks to you,Carmela!!! Thanks again for the AWESOME WORK! We are blessed to have you in our lives!!


Happy client

Thank you so much for my JSJ session this afternoon!!! You are awesome. I feel phenomenal!! Couldn't sleep well last night, but I'm sure tonight will be a different story.
I've been to massage therapists, chiropractors, etc...and never felt as good as I do with Carmela. I appreciate your time and will book another appointment!

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